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Regular Humans

About Us

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Regular Humans create experimental psychedelic folk music.  Delicately beautiful songs with three part harmonies open into transportive sound explorations return to the ground of immaculate compositions.  Normal becomes weird changes to familiar, a Regular Human experience.   


Founded in 2020 when guitarist Nick Hudson met bassist Matthew Austin Williams in a fated encounter on a remote Northern New Mexico mountain highway, we later added drummer Kate Barnett.  Kate trained as an opera singer and performed with her musical family growing up, matriculated as a sound healer, and prolifically uncovers profound lyrical observations.  She currently pursues higher education in therapy.  Matthew came to music through poetry as a child, picked up mandolin as his first stringed instrument in the bluegrass scene, and learned production as a working musician on the west coast for the last decade.  He farms and does land remediation work in his spare time.  Nick grew up singing and playing guitar, and has graced a number of progressive rock and and blues bands with his distinctive style and baritone voice.  He maintains a constantly rotating fleet of cars he wrenches on in the evenings to relax.  


We are currently gigging around Santa Fe and beyond as we record our first album this summer.  We find ourselves with a huge catalog of songs yet to be recorded, a happy circumstance that we hope will lead to a number of releases in the coming year. 

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